A shift in ukrainians' perception of security options

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Olena Khylko
Maksym Khylko


Ukrainians' perception and assessment of the best security options for the country have undergone significant changes: from rather strong support for non-alignment status and weak support for NATO membership in 2012, two years before the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict, and to strong support for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which became prevalent in all regions of Ukraine after the full-scale invasion in 2022. These changes in perception were systemic and occurred in expert and political circles, as well as in general public sentiment.

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Khylko, O., & Khylko, M. (2023). A shift in ukrainians’ perception of security options. Scientific Collection «InterConf», (156), 22–26. Retrieved from https://archive.interconf.center/index.php/conference-proceeding/article/view/3440


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