The cost-effectiveness analysis of surgical interventions in acute abdomen

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Tatiana Malacinschi-Codreanu


This paper reports the method of assessing the quality of acute abdomen (AA) treatment through the lens of cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) of surgical interventions. The secondary economic study in which the economic evaluation method of acute abdomen treatment was developed took place in the Institute of Emergency Medicine. The method was implemented in the endoscopy department of the Institute of Emergency Medicine to analyze the efficiency of laparoscopic methods in ensuring the quality of the emergency surgical service. CEA is cheap, easy to implement compared to other economic methods, when social benefits and costs are difficult to monetize. The developed method had an important clinical and economic effect in the evaluation of the quality of acute abdomen treatment in the emergency surgery service with decisional impact for the promotion of laparoscopic curative-diagnostic methods in acute abdomen management.

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