Continuous thrombocytopenia during dengue fever inpatients, its signs, effects, and treatments, herbal medication as well as dengue infection in mosquito vector with typological aspects taking into consideration

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Elena Tkachenko
Jha Sahil Kumar
Bheraram Akash
Hamid Mokhtari
Liana Mokhtari
Almadaineh younes Mohammed


The dengue virus is the pathogenic illness that causes dengue (DENV). Generally speaking, dengue is an acute infectious sickness that heals on its own, but with a crucial significantly influencing phase during which patients may get well or develop a serious case. Hemodynamic abnormalities, increased vascular permeability, hypovolemia, hypotension and shock are symptoms of severe sickness. In all situations, thrombocytopenia and platelet malfunction are widespread and are associated with the treatment outcomes. Additionally, we will use a line graph to show the patients’ platelet depletion (thrombocytopenia) during dengue fever and analyze the levels of platelets during in the illness before drawing conclusions. We’ll talk about some patient reports and their experiences after overcoming dengue fever. In India, patients take herbal medications to boost platelets while simultaneously talking about the psychological effects of fever or the days following a fever.

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Tkachenko, E., Jha Sahil Kumar, Bheraram Akash, Mokhtari, H., Mokhtari, L., & Almadaineh younes Mohammed. (2022). Continuous thrombocytopenia during dengue fever inpatients, its signs, effects, and treatments, herbal medication as well as dengue infection in mosquito vector with typological aspects taking into consideration. Scientific Collection «InterConf», (134), 307–314. Retrieved from


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