Some modern ecological problems and their possible solving ways

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Elena Tkachenko
Jha Sahil Kumar
Aqib Muhammad
Ashima Chaudhary


The article is dedicated to discussing the modern ecological problems representing actual branch of modern Science various branches – Biology, Ecology, Valeology, Physiology, Medicine, Chemistry, Engineering, Architecture in part and attracting the attention of the specialists in various countries and continents while acquiring the global character and sometimes urgent in their essentiality to be solved. In part the authors emphasize to possibility of waste materials usage in Civil Engineering due to which both the wastes are consumped and processed and building constructions acquire new useful features.

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Tkachenko, E., Jha Sahil Kumar, Muhammad, A., & Chaudhary, A. (2022). Some modern ecological problems and their possible solving ways. Scientific Collection «InterConf», (127), 170–177. Retrieved from


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