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Merab Vanishvili
Zviad Shanava


The scientific article is dedicated to the definition of program budget improvement directions in the self-governing cities of Georgia and the preparation of recommendations related to the relevant legislative and methodological provisions. In this regard, issues related to the legislative and methodological provision of the budget process have been elaborated and analyzed. Based on the experience gained from work already done and the recommendations of various international organizations, detailed explanations of program budget improvement issues and methodological guidelines for spending agencies. This will make it easier for them to prepare more detailed planning and reporting instructions for the medium-term plans, expected and achieved outcomes within the program, and performance evaluation indicators.

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Vanishvili, M., & Shanava, Z. (2022). LEGISLATIVE AND LEGAL PROVISION OF LOCAL BUDGETING IN GEORGIA (ON THE EXAMPLE OF SELF-GOVERNING CITIES). Scientific Collection «InterConf», (122), 38–55. Retrieved from https://archive.interconf.center/index.php/conference-proceeding/article/view/1185


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