The new approach for assessing the dependability of mobile applications

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Oleksandr Shmatko
Volodymyr Fedorchenko
Volodymyr Senik


With the growing reliance on mobile applications, ensuring their dependability has become a crucial aspect of software development. This article introduces a new approach to evaluating the dependability of mobile applications based on the Corcoran Model, a comprehensive framework that considers various aspects of dependability, including performance, reliability, availability, scalability, security, usability, maintainability, and testability. The Corcoran Model provides a systematic way to assess mobile applications by analyzing key metrics and indicators associated with each of these aspects. By utilizing this model, developers and organizations can gain a holistic understanding of an application's dependability, leading to better decision-making and targeted improvements. Furthermore, this approach promotes increased end-user satisfaction and trust in mobile applications, ultimately contributing to their widespread adoption and success.

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Shmatko, O., Fedorchenko, V., & Senik, V. (2023). The new approach for assessing the dependability of mobile applications. Scientific Collection «InterConf+», (33(155), 461–469.


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