The path of development with no end in sight

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Azer Babayev


Today, in the modern world, the rapid development of science and technology is developing and new discoveries are being made. Information Technology is one of the main directions of this development and is a field closely related to most companies. The application of each product in this field creates great conditions in the work of the field. even today, the use of all information technologies is developing rapidly. And people who do not know these features of technology are not looking back, they are making the right actions for the future and working in this way. that humanity is headed for a path of development with no end in sight. What is interesting is that the time spent by people on the work they did before is less than the impact of the development of modern technology, in addition to the feature of additional time thinness, it has created conditions for the management of their own living, which is used for the improvement of living conditions. What is this way of development developing from? Increasingly, science does not give rise to new scientific technical revolution in anyone.

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