Sectional design of the pressure plate in the die-cutting press with wedging mechanisms: justification of application

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Ivan Rehei
Oleh Knysh
Vitalii Vlakh
Yurii Mykhailiv


The reasons for high technological loads during die-cutting and the design schemes of punching presses are analyzed. Based on the analysis of scientific research, it was found that minimizing the contact area between the pressure plate and the cardboard is necessary to reduce technological efforts. An original pressure plate drive design scheme with sectional construction is proposed. The nature of the joint movement of the sections of the pressure plate is analyzed, and the advantages of the offered die-cutting press are outlined.

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Rehei, I., Knysh, O., Vlakh, V., & Mykhailiv, Y. (2023). Sectional design of the pressure plate in the die-cutting press with wedging mechanisms: justification of application. Scientific Collection «InterConf+», (33(155), 362–367.


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