Affiliation of the journal: Scientific Publishing Center «InterConf»
Journal frequency:
irregulay12-18 times per year
Topic of the journal: multidisciplinary

ISSN: 2709-4685

The journal provides an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and scholars to present and discuss the most recent innovations and developments in modern science. Journal aim is to enable academics, researchers, practitioners and college students to publish their research findings, ideas, developments, and innovations.

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Scientific profiles:

Section 1. Business economics
Section 2. Regional economy
Section 3. International economics and International relations
Section 4. Management
Section 5. Marketing, Advertising and PR
Section 6. Finance and Credit
Section 7. Accounting and Auditing
Section 8. Pedagogy and Education
Section 9. Philosophy and Cognition
Section 10. Religious studies
Section 11. Political science and Public administration
Section 12. Sociology and Society
Section 13. Psychology and Psychiatry
Section 14. Philology and Linguistics
Section 15. Literary studies
Section 16. Journalism and telecommunications
Section 17. Law and international law
Section 18. Geography and Local history
Section 19. Arts, Cultural studies and Ethnography
Section 20. History and Archeology, Archival science
Section 21. Astronomy, Space and Aviation
Section 22. Biology and Biotechnology
Section 23. Medicine and Pharmacy
Section 24. Zoology and Veterinary medicine
Section 25. Geology, Mineralogy and Soil science
Section 26. Nature management, Resource saving and Ecology
Section 27. Energetics
Section 28. Physics and Maths
Section 29. Chemistry and Materials science
Section 30. Agrotechnologies and Agricultural industry
Section 31. Light industry and Food industry
Section 32. General Engineering and Mechanics
Section 33. Radio and electrical engineering, electronics
Section 34. Modeling and Nanotechnology
Section 35. Information and Web technologies
Section 36. Architecture, Construction and Design
Section 37. Physical education and Sports
Section 38. Military affairs and National security

As the Ukrainian representative office of the SPC «InterConf» since February 24, 2022 we do not accept for publication and do not popularize articles of scientists from the Russian Federation. Also, the articles of scientists from other sanctioned countries are not accepted for publication.